Essential Pieces Every Wardrobe Must Have

Solid wardrobe essentials are a non-negotiable. Having a range of clothing items that are forever in vogue not only saves you money, but the hassle of deciding what goes with what. The beauty in essential pieces comes in their ability to be dressed up or dressed down, and their versatility is why so many women have these items in their wardrobe. No matter if you have a rushed morning and need to throw together a killer outfit for work, an online conference call, or you have a fun night out planned with friends and want to impress, essential pieces take the guess work out of outfit planning.

Building a streamlined wardrobe adorned with essential clothing items is a great way to see what you actually enjoy wearing and what makes you feel good. Serving as a primer to the rest of your clothes, the list of essentials we have compiled below should feature in the wardrobe of every woman.

White t-shirt

Pretty much every woman owns a basic white t-shirt. Whether you wear it around the house or pop it on when you need to throw on a top over your jeans, it is a recognised essential for its extreme versatility and ability to compliment a range of other items. 

  • The white t-shirt is versatile, clean and cool
  • Use the t-shirt as an anchor for the statement pieces of your outfit
  • Put with printed pants of shorts
  • Pair with a leather skirt and white sneakers for a relaxed, edgy look
  • Wear the white t-shirt under knitwear and oversized jumpers
  • Add a black blazer for a professional setting

Black pants

Black pants are a must-have, no matter what style you love. Whether you prefer a pair of slim black jeans, black trousers or tailored black dress pants, they can be used in a variety of ways. They are a perfect thing to grab from your wardrobe when you need to dress up for the day or want a more casual look. It all depends on how they fit in with your personal style.

  • Wear black pants with a collared dress shirt for an instant professional look
  • Add your favourite top and use the pants as a blank canvas
  • You can dress up any type of black pants with heels and statement accessories
  • Create a relaxed aesthetic with a t-shirt, ballet flats or sneakers and a cross body bag

Explore our selection of black pants.

Versatile Jacket

Having a trench coat, pea coat, leather jacket, denim jacket or teddy jacket in your wardrobe ready to go is essential. It doesn’t matter what type of jacket you prefer, if it is versatile then you can match it to hundreds of outfits.

  • Pair your jacket with jeans, a jumper and ankle booties for a chic winter look
  • Perfect for day and night
  • Adding a jacket to your outfit can dress up any look without much effort
  • Leave it open and loose for a casual style and zipped or buttoned up for a tailored fit
  • Will keep you warm in the cooler months and prepared for those chilly nights in summer

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Collared dress shirt

The collared dress shirt is the perfect essential to turn any outfit into a polished look. The beauty of the shirt is the ability to mix and match it with a range of different items to completely change your look. The collared dress shirt is a true investment piece and when you figure out how to best wear it to suit your own unique style, you will be wearing it for years to come.

  • Pair the collared dress shirt with a black blazer and pencil skirt or black pants for work
  • Wear it under a jumper in the cooler months for a stylish layering combo
  • Add jeans and white sneakers for a casual day look
  • Wear it unbuttoned over a dress for a fun, breezy style
  • Dress the shirt up with statement accessories and pops of colour

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Black dress

A black dress is a classic staple and should be front and centre in the wardrobe of all women, and it doesn’t even have to be little. It can be any length, fit or style you choose because like everything in fashion, you can make it your own. 

  • The black dress can be worn to work and/or to a special occasion
  • Wear the black dress casually with sandals and a cross body bag
  • Dress it up with heels and your favourite earrings or necklace
  • Pair with a cardigan for a relaxed day look
  • Add pops of colour and use the black dress as the canvas for your statement accessories

Explore the essentials

You can take what you want from the list of suggestions and match them to your own unique style. Afterall, fashion is about expression and how you want to portray yourself.

Explore our range at That’s Just Blaire and fill your wardrobe with the essential pieces that you will love for years to come!

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