How to Reinvent Your Style

The world has been on a hiatus for some time now but as we slowly start to re-emerge from our homes again, we will need to start reaching into our wardrobes for more than just our lounge wear. The time is almost here to start swapping trackpants for jeans, dressing gowns for cute jumpers and slippers for ankle booties. So, as society begins to trickle back outside now is the perfect time to reinvent your style! By understanding what your fashion purpose is, you can become your own favourite style icon. Here’s how. 

Consider how you want to present yourself

Once designed for functional purposes only, clothes have developed from a practical asset to a social marker. They’re meant to help us feel good, look good and represent our personalities. How you dress can say a lot about you, so when you are reinventing your style, its important to consider how you want to represent yourself to the world.

Dress sense can embody your career desires, your passion for a particular brand, your love for a certain colour or texture and helps give the people around you a snapshot into who you are. Everyone has a unique style, and while you may enjoy following the latest trends, you can tailor these trends to match your individuality and allow people to get to know you, just by your clothes.

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Find a fashion role model you love

If you are seeking to make a change to your existing wardrobe but are not quite sure where to start, finding fashion inspiration can help. Use Instagram, fashion websites, magazines and even your favourite celebrities to seek our style that you want to emulate. You can also take inspiration from people in your life. If your mum or sister have a great dress sense, take ideas from their wardrobes, and add similar pieces to your own. 

Wear what makes you feel good

There is nothing quite so uncomfortable than wearing an outfit that doesn’t fit properly or is not sitting how you envisioned. When reinventing your style, choosing clothes that make you feel like a fashion powerhouse but are also comfortable to wear, is crucial.

Not every design or brand will be for you, but there are plenty of options that are. Fill your wardrobe with pieces that when you open your drawers you know you will want to wear and will have no apprehension about. Life is too short to aimlessly follow trends that make you uncomfortable, wear what makes you feel amazing and lets you be the best fashionista you know you can be.

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Invest in good quality pieces

Reinventing your style doesn’t mean you need to throw out your clothes and start over, but it does mean adding a selection of new items that will not only play part in your new dress sense but will serve you for years to come. Investing in good quality, timeless pieces will help save you money in the long run, and keep you looking your best every day. Consider purchasing a jacket that you can match with multiple outfits, a couple of pairs of different tailored jeans to compliment your fashion tops and jumpers, and a few dresses that can take you from day to night with the right accessories.

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Play with colour and texture

If you have always loved the idea of dressing for your mood, then reinvent your style with pops of colour and different textures. While dressing head to toe in a single colour may be your fashion go-to, adding in some more hues can easily transform your entire wardrobe, and make your look more interesting. Same goes with textures. Texture can be a timeless element and adding in a wool or leather item can completely change your style depending on how your dress it with other pieces.

Dress your best with the best

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