The Beauty of Natural Fibres

As society gradually moves towards a more natural way of living, many industries are doing the same. We are becoming more educated and aware of the damaging impact of man-made and synthetic products and materials, leading to the continuous demand for natural fibres in the fashion world.

There will always be a place in the industry for non-natural fibres, but you can still actively source linen, wool, bamboo, silk and cotton products if you want to lead a more natural fashionista life. And there are many benefits to do so. Let’s explore the beauty of these natural fibres and what makes them so wonderful.

They are an Investment

Natural fibre clothing is considered a great investment if you are looking for a solid piece to serve you for many years. When you purchase a garment that is 100% cotton it has a much better chance of holding up after multiple wears and washes than most synthetic materials, and the same goes for linen, wool and other natural materials.

These natural fibres keep in shape and you can continue to wear them for a longer period of time, saving you money and also helping to save the environment from unnecessary landfill.

They are Better for the Environment

Continuing on with the previous point, natural fibres are an eco-friendly choice in the fashion world. While you will get to wear the items for a long period, there will eventually come a time to retire the piece. But the wonderful thing about natural fibres is that they come from the earth, so they will decompose relatively quickly back into the earth. 100% cotton and other natural fibres similar take around 1-5 month to biodegrade, and wool takes typically less than a year.

In comparison, synthetic fibres are formed from the same petrochemicals as everyday plastic and are not biodegradable. These materials take around 40-40 years to decompose, but some can take as long as 200 years. The build-up of plastic results in the release of carbon gases into the atmosphere, and a host of other environmental issues. While you may not consider this impact when choosing clothes, sometimes it is worth taking a second look at the materials listed to become more in tune with what you are buying.

They are Comfortable

Not only are natural fibres soft on the skin, they are also comfortable in terms of regulating body heat, keeping you dry and wicking away sweat. There is nothing worse than when you are out with friends, or at a dinner party of even just having a casual stroll around your neighbourhood and you sweat or become overheated from your clothing. While there is no magic cure to this problem, wearing natural fibres can help you feel more at ease.

Here are some ways that natural fibres can make you feel more comfortable:

  • Linen is renowned for being breathable and is the top choice in the warmer months if you want something lightweight to wear under the Australian sun
  • Wool is absorbent and a favourite in keeping you cosy during winter, and is durable enough to last many cold seasons
  • 100% cotton wicks away moisture and is extremely soft and breathable, handy for everyday wear in all climates
  • Silk is soft and lightweight, helps keep you warm and is also a natural fungal repellent
  • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties to keep your skin protected and also wicks away moisture

Enjoy the Beauty of Natural Fibres

Now that you know how beneficial it is to invest in natural fibre clothing, why not find some pieces that match your own unique style? At VL we have a range of natural fibre garments from 100% cotton to linen and wool blend items to keep you looking good and feeling even better.

Explore our selection today and let your inner fashionista be comfortable, stylish and do something great for the environment.

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