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Over time the fashion world sees many trends come and go. It is a never-ending cycle of what’s hot and what’s not, but when you find a trend you truly love, you never really let it go. At VL we are huge fans of dressing for your own unique style, wearing what makes you feel good and adding an individual twist to every garment of clothing. With this is mind we have compiled some of the trends we love so you can add them to your wardrobe and be the fashionista that you are!

Crop Tops

The crop has been a statement piece in the fashion world for decades. First rising to status in the 90s, crops are back and better than ever. We know that not everyone enjoys the idea of crops, but there are so many ways to style one that you can implement the trend into your existing wardrobe with ease and in a way that matches your aesthetic. The beauty of crops is there really is no set rule as to how much or how little of your midriff you want to highlight. You can wear your crop with a skirt for a fun night out with your friends, or you can pair it with a pair of high waisted jeans or pants for a more casual vibe. Crops have evolved far past the small singlets they once were, with cropped jumpers, long sleeve crops and even cropped jackets available. So, find what style of crop that suits the look you are going for and own it!

Statement Sleeves

There are so many types of statement sleeves out there in the fashion world that we find it hard to narrow it down to just one epic look that we love. From bell-shaped, balloon and bishop sleeves to flounce and ruffle sleeve, statement sleeves is an evolving trend that allows you to have as much fun as possible with your outfit! The entire point of the top is to be the centre piece of your outfit, which makes putting together a show-stopping look so easy! If you are wearing jeans, simply choose a statement sleeve top, pair with some statement earrings, shoes of choice and feel fabulous all day long. If you are dressing up for an event, you can pair your statement sleeve top with skirt or slacks, add some heels, accessories and own the party! The trend is versatile, timeless and perfect for both work and weekend activities, so you can get plenty of use out of your favourite sleeve style.

Knot Knitwear 

If you are looking to dress up a wintery outfit, we love nothing more than the trend of knot knitwear. Taking a classic knitwear jumper and putting an extra twist on it (no pun intended!), knot knitwear is the perfect addition to your wardrobe when you want something fun to wear on a cold night out with friends. The trend is adaptable to any piece, whether you pair the knitwear with a skirt, or jeans, you can transform your entire aesthetic. Easy to throw on at a moment’s notice, knot knitwear is a fabulous go-to piece that we predict will be around for a long time. Front knot, back knot or even shoulder and sleeve knots, we know you can rock it!

Find All of The Trends at VL

With so many different styles available in a range of different trends, here at VL we have just the piece for you! Fill your wardrobe with trends that we love and adapt them to your unique aesthetic. From summer crops to winter jumpers, we have you covered through every season of fashion.

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