COVID-19 isolation is creating a lot of uncertainty and distress across the country. Here are four tips for dressing to feel your best during this crisis.


You might be feeling a lot of uncertainty right now, due to the impacts of COVD-19. Thanks to self-isolation, many people’s normal routines have been thrown out the window and with so much going on that we can’t control, it’s understandable if you feel less than your best.

One thing we can control right now is the way we dress. Particularly if you’re feeling down or stressed, evidence shows that wearing clothes you love can improve your mood. So here are some practical tips for using fashion to feel better while you do your bit and #stayhome.

1. Get out of your pjs

Whether you’re working from home, or just trying to stay home as much as possible, it’s only natural that you’ve probably started wearing a daily uniform of pjs or tracksuit pants. We get it. Who doesn’t love to be comfortable? But once the novelty of daytime PJs starts to wear off, you might find yourself feeling a little flat and unmotivated. As simple as it may seem, our first self-isolation challenge to you is to leave that pjs under your pillow and actually get dressed every day!

2. Dress in something you love

We’re not saying you have to get dressed for work every day. But how about those perfectly fitted jeans that make you feel confident? Put them on while you do your housework. Is it sunny outside? Wear that maxi-dress that makes you feel like a boho goddess when you go for your daily walk. Not only will your fave outfits help boost your confidence but making the effort to get dressed will give your day some structure and stop those long days and nights in iso from blending into one.

3. Mindful make up

Studies have shown that some women feel more powerful and confident when wearing red lipstick. Even if wearing a strong red lip to your Zoom meeting isn’t quite your vibe, some people find the process of putting on makeup to be relaxing, and almost a form of mindfulness. Why not make a mindful makeup session part of your morning routine?

4. Look cute and keep connected

Getting dressed up might feel weird at first if the only people who are going to see you are your family or housemates. So why not ask your friends to share daily self-isolation outfit selfies? It will give you an excuse to keep connected (which is more important than ever right now) and it might just make all the difference if you look (and hopefully feel!) great at the same time.


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